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Wholesale Clothing Distributors – The Reasons You Should Buy From Wholesale Clothing Distributors

Wholesale Clothing Distributors – The Reasons You Should Buy From Wholesale Clothing Distributors

Buyers and shoppers are getting cleverer nowadays. Ordinary shoppers are even willing to go that extra mile just to save a buck or two. The success of eBay and many other sale sites is a good evidence to this. There is yet another trend, i.e. some buyers will team up together and go direct to the wholesale apparel distributors for a bulk purchase discount.

What is the advantage of purchasing from apparel wholesaler? What is a “wholesale rate” anyway? Basically, when you purchase clothes at a shopping mall or a retail outlet, you will pay the retail price. This is typically much higher than the cost of the product in order to absorb costs of storage, rental, sales personnel, advertisement, etc. when you get wholesale rate, all these middleman prices are stripped away. Now, you understand why some internet clothing shops are able to sell at a much lower price. They got their products from these wholesalers.

Back to the main question, why purchase from wholesale apparel distributors? Here are some advantages you may want to consider:

1. There is a wide range of clothing selection.

2. Wholesale distributors offer lowest possible prices.

3. You may be able to resell the cheap clothing at a profit.

What to look out for when selecting for a wholesale apparel distributor? There could be many different factors, but below are basics:

1. Item quality – The products you will be getting from the apparel wholesalers are most likely not the branded ones. These big brands have their own authorized dealers and it won’t be easy for you to get their books. Besides, it can be costly to start with the big name brands.

Without a decent brand name, you would have to be extra cautious about the quality of the clothing you are getting. Always ask for detailed images and clothing materials before putting your order. You may go to the search engine and search whether there has been some complaints relating to the clothing items sold by the wholesale supplier. You also have to inquire about refund policy should the items received did not meet the specifications.

2. Minimum order quantity – Most of the wholesale suppliers set a MOQ for their clothing. Your order should meet this requirement before they will do business with you. This can range from twelve to twenty four units or more depending on the apparel design you are buying.

3. Reputation of the wholesale apparel distributor – Check out the business’ background as much as possible. Make sure that the company has been in business for several years before you transact business with them.