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Who Has the BEST Compensation Plan Available in MLM?

Who Has the BEST Compensation Plan Available in MLM?

In 2007 about 15 million people were diligently working their home based MLM business according to the Direct Sales Association. Most of them became involved in their opportunity because a friend or relative introduced them to it, not necessarily because of a great deal of research into various opportunities available.

However you are different. The fact that you are reading this article means that you see the infinite possibilities in NWM but know exactly what you are looking for. I will add here that it’s not all about the compensation, if you have a lousy product your hard work will not pay off in the long run (passive income). But this article is simply to introduce you to the BEST Compensation Plan in the Direct Sales Industry, in the world (third-party reviewed).

Zrii has just (June 2009) launched their new hybrid Binary payout plan (forget everything you knew about Binary plans) with new powerful Fast Start Bonuses and almost 1.5 million in Achievement Bonuses, which gives Zrii reason to promote its plan as the best in the direct sales industry.

Network Marketing Business Journal (NMBJ) reports regarding the Zrii Prosperity Plan “Many companies use a commission value (CV) less than 100 percent. For example, a company may charge $130 per case of its juice or product, but only have a CV of $100. That means the company is actually only paying out about 77 percent as much as its compensation plan is showing. If it caps its payout at 50 percent, it is really paying out about 38 percent. Zrii sells its flagship product at $120 a case and it has a 120 CV. Its cap for its total distributor support, including all of its bonuses, incentives and commissions is 50 percent before and after CV!

NMBJ goes on to say ‘There is another significant benefit. Based on your rank, you can earn up to $50,000 a month in Prosperity Bonuses from each Profit center (Sales Organization). Once a profit center hits the $50,000 cap, you can open up another profit center. You can have up to four profit centers. The reason this is beneficial is that $50,000 is higher than many other programs. For example it is significantly higher than the $10,000 a week cap that is common in the industry. In Zrii each profit center has a potential income cap of $600,000 a year. Four profit centers would have a potential cap of $2,400,00 a year. That is an additional $320,00 more than any programs that only have a $10,000 a week cap.’

Here are a few of the components that make up the Zrii Prosperity Plan:

A Fast Start Bonus that puts money in your pocket weekly with a high 40% commission on your new recruits’ first month sales up to $1,200.

The Fast Start Pool (paid monthly) is where you can earn shares in a 7% company-wide pool (including 2% of global non-fast start sales) for continuously enrolling new IE’s and helping them stay active.

Team Commissions: (paid monthly) Earn 10% of your lesser leg Organizational Volume (OV) with no limit on the depth of your organization.

Matching Bonus: (paid monthly) Earn a 20%-45% match on the Binary earnings of your personally enrolled IE’s and their downline through 5 generations. This bonus starts when you achieve 4 Star status.

$100,000 Achievement Bonus: (One-Time Bonuses) Earn one-time achievement bonuses -among the highest in the industry- for reaching and maintaining certain ranks.

Premium Rewards and Leadership Pool: Earn up to $1,000,000 in one-time cash bonuses for achieving the premium levels of the Prosperity Plan.  You can also take part in a 1% global Leadership Pool.

No wonder Zrii has experienced early unprecedented success and is positioned for continued worldwide growth!