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Tips to Kickstart Your Job Hunting

Tips to Kickstart Your Job Hunting

Currently in-between jobs? Finding a job these days can be pretty difficult, let alone landing a job that you like and fits your skills and qualifications. As unemployment rates constantly seem to be increasing in many industries and countries worldwide, it’s essential to amp up your job hunting strategies to find various employment opportunities that might interest you. Here are a few tips to kickstart your job hunting (or make improvements on your current job hunt practices).

Look beyond the usual sources of info.

Classified ads in newspapers are still useful, but you have to admit that with the big shift of usage from traditional media to internet, it’s essential to go with the flow and take advantage of modern sources of information. This only means that while printed classifieds are still functional, it’s also recommended to make use of various online sources to save time and effort on your job search. A lot of companies nowadays utilize their websites to connect with and find prospect hires who might fit their job requirements.

Utilize job search engines efficiently.

A lot of online job search engines are available to help you find jobs and connect with employers easily. Job opening ads are listed by industry or categorized by job type. Apart from websites that list generic employment opportunities – from engineering jobs to health, fashion, or finance industries, it can be a great time-saver if you’ll focus searching on sites that are specific to particular industries, depending on your target profession or your area of expertise.

Customize your CV.

Your CV is your first link to your prospect companies so it’s important for your resume to be a standout. Rather than make a CV that will be your general template for all your job applications, you’re more likely to be noticed by prospect employers if you tailor-fit your CV and cover letter to the requirements of the job advertisement posted. Your resume can tell a lot of things about you, so make sure you’re able to showcase your list of qualifications and skills that will be suitable for the specifics of the job you’d like to apply for. Every time you gain a new skill or learned some valuable experience related to your target industry, take time to update your resume to reflect these changes and improvements.

Networks will play a big role on your search.

While experience and skills are important to land a job, your job hunting can be much easier with the help of your networks. Learn employment opportunities and advice from your existing networks – your social circle, past professors and colleagues, relatives and many others. Who you get to know is equally important – participate in job fairs, seminars, workshops, and various events wherein you get to meet and connect with people in the same industry.

From those days when you had to tediously search classified ads sections in newspapers one by one, job search nowadays has certainly became more up-to-date, competitive, and challenging. It won’t hurt to add in a little creativity and resourcefulness to improve your job hunt and increase your chances of landing the job of your dreams later on.