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The King: Ruling Your Planet!

The King: Ruling Your Planet!

You arrived in Royalty

Owning Splendor, glory and Honour

You show wisdom and manifest Know-how

You do not wrestle in Everyday living

For Accomplishment and Excellence are in your Spirit

You have been endowed with an Amazing heritage…

You have been brought into a big Spot

Of irreversible and irresistible dominion

You manifest the Lifestyle of God your Father

You are Caring, Loving and Handy

Nevertheless the Entire world exhibit wickedness, malice and hatred

The Spirit of the Lord Lives in You…

He provides to you all you need to have for Everyday living And godliness.

You are a blessing and a blesser of adult males

You are truly unstoppable.

Four many years ago you arrived at the Scene

Generating us joyful mom and dad of a Royalty

It has been from glory to glory

Your wisdom is huge

Your passion so tangible

Your sweet smile so infectious

Your magnificence so enchanting

You have a divine mandate

To glow forth your light for all to see

And give God glory on your behalf

You are fulfilling this mandate

You are dwelling a pleased and prosperous everyday living

Thereby producing God delighted and enthusiastic

You in no way choose things for granted

Often grateful for tiny mercies and very small favours

Your aptitude for the Gospel

Thrills me no conclude

You are God’s best development

His superb handiwork

You have never ever accepted any demeaning or

Defaming description

You do not pay attention to “destructive words

You have the proper perception of your temperament

You are fantastically crafted,

Marvelously and excellently produced

To rule your environment and era

You do not question your identification

You sure know your inheritance

You constantly at all moments use your qualities properly

You are a results for lifetime.

Your Caring perspective

Your Loving nature

Is manifested in the way you care for Your child brother: Edwald

You actually make parenting simpler for us.

You carefully chose your part styles and mentors

They are all recreated spirited beings

This tells me your victory is inescapable

And the curse of the law is broken more than you

No Spoken Word functions in opposition to you

Your moves are calculated and

Shift Mountains

You make sure perfection in your perform

Constantly shunning and eschewing mundanity

You are a function product

To your peers and mates

Daily winning for other individuals with your Grande life style and strides…

You reign, rule and are in-demand

You are the New Person in Christ

You are the Super Becoming accomplishing

Amazing feats

You are the KING referred to as to RULE Your Earth!

Copyright, Agu Jacchynma