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The 3 C’s of Negotiation

The 3 C’s of Negotiation

Leaders are not born but made their leadership techniques, procedures and tactics, learnt relatively than inherited.

The one most essential of these leadership approaches falls less than the umbrella classification of ‘negotiation’ which incorporates: the somewhat evident, bartering method of tendering for contracts and immediate gross sales and extends to encompass conflict resolution with clients, workers, friends, associates and family members associates.

Negotiation is by definition a progressive procedure of compromise and agreement in the pursuance of a mutually satisfactory aim.

Profitable negotiation inside any situation is dependent on the method and leadership strategies utilized of which there a few types, Co-operative, Collaborative or Combative, are referred to as the 3 C’s.


Being co-operative is ordinarily connected with getting constructive, assistive and positive. On the other hand, the proponent of the Co-operative tactic is not definitely a negotiator at all but somewhat sights the complete system of negotiation as not comfortable, awkward and a bit embarrassing.

Arriving at the impasse or cross streets necessitating resolution as a result of negotiation is interpreted as becoming a conflict and not as a collection of hurdles which can be amicably and objectively surmounted.

The resultant situation is destructive, erodes confidence, credibility and in the organization arena, gets rid of financial gain.

The proceedings, even though structured, tend to be hurried and each individual sign of disagreement satisfied with incentivising a summary. In the race to get the full point over with, anything that could be conceded or discounted basically is.

There is evidently an imbalance among the get-togethers not as may well be suspected in ‘power’ but in management and ‘motivation’. A person is driven to negotiate for the finest or most agreeable offer while the other is identified to conclude or solve the make a difference.


It might be perceived that remaining ‘Combative’ is the antithesis of co-operative and in physical manner and use of language this is probable to be genuine. Nonetheless, in terms of the consequence they are shockingly similar.

Unsurprisingly the ‘combative’ strategist is bullish in character while not essentially intense, but believes that to make any concessions or give floor is indicative of weak point and that you can find a large amount far more to give.

They have a tendency to outwardly portray an air of toughness, ostensible authority and intransigence usually perceived as arrogant, coupled with an apparent pleasure in negotiating and competing for supremacy.

Even though this overt display of electricity and control will have levels of success it invariably comes with collateral destruction to customer gratification, loyalty and respect, resulting in deep fissures in the integrity of interactions and organizations.

The combative method is like a nuclear bomb to a business allow by yourself other interactions if the first explosion isn’t going to eliminate it the fall out will.


The ‘collaborator’ relatively than staying synonymous with becoming a traitor associated with colluding with the enemy, is the most tactical of all the techniques.

They will be inquisitive and attentive in their tactic to build the parts of settlement and these that have to have negotiation or compromise. Typically open in their overall body language with relaxed in their manner nevertheless sincere in their dedication to arriving at a resolution but also acutely knowledgeable of the best and worst situation scenarios for equally events.

In accomplishing so they will act as a facilitator encouraging a gradual inching in direction of the center floor of arrangement by means of value assessed concessions by equally get-togethers.

The goal of the two functions is prosperous resolution in the realisation that there are parameters and restrictions to the concessions out there, devoid of ego’s and pride clouding the waters of settlement.

Collaborators realize the finest achievements not only is resolving conflicts and concluding offers but in the degrees of client gratification and loyalty, stemming from an appreciation at the stage of services and focus to detail.