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Telemarketing: A Necessity in Singapore

Telemarketing: A Necessity in Singapore

As far as economic power in Southeast Asia is concerned, Singapore is a country to be reckoned with. Aside from its vast industrial and technological resource, it also has one of the most intellectual professionals in the region, further spurring its growth. Also, its economy needs to be constantly satiated with products and services that companies are more than willing to provide. These are just some of the factors that make this country a very attractive venue for businesses both in and out of the country. Not surprisingly, even professional telemarketing has reared its old but reliable head towards that direction.

Why telemarketing?

To start with, it is basically an import-to-export country. They import raw materials and goods, process it in their factories, and export them for a profit. This means that most of its goods come from other countries. Doesn’t this system present itself as a very promising venture for foreign exporters? One successful partnership with an exporter here can mean thousands, or even millions of dollars, for both sides. This calls for a way to attract the attention of entrepreneurs. Now this is where the problem comes in. To be correct, there are several problems that need to be dealt with. Failure to do so will certainly result to a whole new set of headaches.

In the first place, there is no one industry that dominates their economy. A company must be familiar with the who’s who of the country’s industry to do business here. It won’t do if a dairy exporter calls a plastic manufacturer. The next setback is its culture. This country is essentially a melting pot of various nationalities. Be they Indians, English, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, or African, Singapore has them all. This resulted in an ethnic mix and match that could puzzle and confuse the inexperienced businessman. And third, given its multi-ethnicity, language barriers may pose as a serious communication hindrance. An in-house team of telemarketers may not be able to handle the accents and nuances of their prospects.

This is pretty much the reason why telemarketing services are becoming an in-demand profession. Whether it’s in lead generation or appointment setting services, telemarketing has proven itself to be a very dependable tool. Why not? Most businesses agree that lead generation services are a very challenging profession, and it calls for the skills of experienced professional telemarketers to get the job done. It’s the same thing with appointment setting, where the skills and experience of telemarketers is what makes the difference between a successful or failed telemarketing campaigns. Not to mention that telemarketing firms often have the information needed by client companies in order to reach prospects. In addition, most of telemarketers are familiar with the local environment, as well as the culture. More often than not, these people are familiar with various languages spoken there, thus enabling clearer communication between the client and the prospects it wishes to do business with.

Can telemarketing bring about better business performance, both for local and foreign firms? It depends on who these companies trust. While there are plenty of professional telemarketing companies that dot the planet, there are only a handful of those who can actually do the job. Most are simple frauds or, in the worst cases, plain and simple identity thieves. With proper caution and the right information, a company can choose a suitable set of outsourced telemarketers. Choosing the ones recognized by government agencies, respected by peers, and has a proven track record of successful campaigns, can actually bring a successful venture into the market.