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Stop Wasting Time – Appointment Setting Scripts That Work in Minutes

Stop Wasting Time – Appointment Setting Scripts That Work in Minutes

Building rapport, a waste of time! Ask about your prospects family, too personal. Checking in on how their day is going has disaster written all over it. The conversations that most sales professionals use on their calls wastes times and gets them farther away from the possibility of getting an appointment. Whether you are looking to get your foot in the door of the Vice-President or trying to get a consumer to come into your office the key is not to waste a single minute.

Business owners and sales professionals that have hour long phone conversations have too much time on their hands. Having long conversations doesn’t mean you are headed in the right direction. Long phone conversations means that there isn’t focus to the call. To get appointments in minutes requires a focus on the goal, asking key questions, and leaving the call at the right moment.

Focus on the Goal – When your product or service requires meeting in person, the goal of each phone call should be an appointment. That may sound obvious, however, for many professionals they don’t have this in mind and that means the results of some calls are “rapport building” or “fact finding”. Those calls waste time. Consider keeping the focus of your calls driven to finding the need of the customer and matching that need with your goal of an appointment. One of the most powerful ways to find a prospects needs is through the power of questions.

Asking Key Questions – Appointment setting scripts that will get you on their calendar in less than 3 minutes requires questions, not selling. Don’t tell them how great your product is. Don’t reveal that it’s a “great opportunity”. To get your foot in the door, ask questions that get them to see the value in meeting with you. Ask them interest piquing questions that make it irresistible for them not to schedule you to come by. Instead of pitching what you have to offer, consider asking something like “would you like to discover the 6 items to evaluate regardless of who you buy from?”

Exit the Call – Getting appointments in minute’s means knowing when to leave the call. When you have them agreeing to meet with you on a certain day and time, quickly exit the call. Don’t chit-chat, don’t exchange more pleasantries, just let them know you will be there and you look forward to sharing valuable information with them. Should you waste time talking you might end up “pitching” them and that will just result in your appointment getting canceled.

When you have a clear focus, ask the right questions, and exit the call quickly you will be able to get appointments in minutes. By not wasting time you will be able to book more appointments every hour you are on the phone.

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