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MLM Training – I Don’t Have The Money To Start In Network Marketing

MLM Training – I Don’t Have The Money To Start In Network Marketing

It takes money to make money is as much a universal truth today if not even more so. While the world’s economic woes cause problems for millions, they are a much welcomed opportunity for others to make money. What’s that got to do with network marketing? Why shouldn’t you take advantage of this opportunity? There is no better time than now to grow your MLM business, help your distributors grow theirs and invite new MLM prospects to join your winning team.

However, this is also the time when you, perhaps more often, have to deal with the “I don’t have the money to start in network marketing” objection.

There are probably three main reasons why the “I don’t have the money” objection is raised when talking to your prospects.

The prospect really doesn’t have any money

Not all objections are hiding another truth although many certainly do and I will touch on those in a moment. There will undoubtedly be occasions where your prospect really is facing financial difficulty. They are just about living from month to month or even worse, as the saying goes, there is more month than there is money. I have been there in the past, perhaps you have too.

Another version of that is the situation where your MLM prospect is able to make ends meet by, let’s say, careful budgeting and have also been saving every month for that special something they have longed for. Because this something is so important them and they are disciplined enough to ensure they save every month, to them, they literally do not have any money for a network marketing business.

I know and I am sure you know too that the network marketing industry is one of the few opportunities that would really help these people. However, this particular reason or objection will be raised very early in your conversation with them. How you deal with that objection will very much depend on your communication skills and how interested you are in helping this prospect get what they really want.

The unexpressed objection

The second reason you’ll going to get this “I don’t have the money” objection is in the form of an unexpressed objection. That is to say they are raising this objection or reason as a way to get out of joining your MLM business. So instead of telling you the real reason that they don’t want to join they just say I don’t have the money. You will find this as common as the other perennial unexpressed objection “I don’t have the time”.

They will use this reason because they are already aware that, by and large, most people will accept it as the real reason and move on. As a professional network marketer, you may recognize this and, without offending them, wish to continue talking to them with the sole purpose of helping them. If their feet are firmly against the wall, they have no desire to clarify, and they just want to get you off the phone, you too should respect their wishes and move on.

The excuse

The first two examples above are real reasons. This third reason is actually more of an excuse. It’s the excuse too many people use, sadly, to not go after what they want. So whereas the second reason is when they are trying to get you to stop pursuing them, this one is when they are trying to get themselves out of pursuing something. And you might say, “Well, why in the world would somebody do that?”

Well, that’s a very hard thing to answer because each person is different, but a person can have some sort of a block or barrier they fall back on. Whether it’s true or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s true for that person.

So as you can see from these three different versions of the objection if you’re truly going to help your prospect, then you’re going to have to understand which one of these objections your prospect actually has because if you handle the wrong one, you’ll run the risk of losing them very early in the conversation. So there are some questions that you need to ask.