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Making Money in Network Marketing During a Recession

Making Money in Network Marketing During a Recession

It’s all over the papers, the News and every other media outlet known to man. The BIG RECESSION. Houses are foreclosing, big financial institutions are collapsing and people are losing their Jobs.

Now I’m a firm believer of creating your own reality (perception is reality) and you can turn a blind eye and refuse to see what is looming before us, but the problem is that if the masses believe it, it becomes the predominant consciousness of the planet.

We make it even more real.

With that said, anyone who is determined and resourceful, will find a way to make money, even if they have lost their job. As a matter of fact, people who have lost their jobs can see this as a blessing in disguise.

I remember, back in the day, when I was 22 I was working for an SOB Boss at a Construction Firm. I was the front desk receptionist at the time. This man was the meanest, tightwad I’d ever met. So much so I suffered from stomach problems when I was working for him. Just the sight of him made me nervous sometimes because I didn’t know if he was going to lash out or what! But I desperately needed the job, or so I thought.

During the time I was employed by him, I had purchased my first car all by myself. And 2 days later, I was called into his office and I was fired.

At first, I was freaked out. What was I going to do? I had just bought my car and I needed to pay my rent. Well long story short, I had 2 weeks off, which I used to hang out at the beach, and my next employer contacted me, letting me know he was hunting me down after he found out I was fired. I ended up accepting the position he offered, making more money, and had better hours. Oh yeah, and my stomach problems disappeared. It was a blessing in disguise.

So if you happen to be reading this right now, and have a job, or have lost your job, think to yourself, how can this situation be a blessing in disguise?

Network Marketing is The Blessing

Maybe back in the day of Amway and selling vacuum cleaners door to door, or going to Tupperware parties, wasn’t really the most practical thing to do. I know I hate selling, so parties and meetings are definitely not my thing. But with the advent of the Internet, all doors have opened and anything is possible, and people are flocking to the internet to find ways of making money.

People will have to push through their skepticism, thinking that the internet is a SCAM. Which is one of the good lessons losing ones job will teach people. It will force them to think outside of the box, and entertain different ways of making money.

For a short period in my life, after I had my first son, I was a virtual telephone operator answering, and taking orders over the phone, for a large Telecommunication Corporation. When I first told my husband and brother that I was going to take classes to learn how to become a telephone operator from home, they both told me that it was a scam. And I completely ignored them and went on my way, and took my classes. NOTHING was going to keep me from staying home with my baby, and this seemed to be the answer to my prayers.

Well, after I started making an average of $950 a week, which back then was great money, and from home, nonetheless, they both had to eat their words.

There are so many benefits to starting an at home business, that to stay in a job where you can get fired is just as big as a risk as working from home.

As a matter of fact, I see it as a bigger risk because you just NEVER know when you will get fired. When you working for yourself, like with Network Marketing, for example, you will get paid on your efforts. So as long as you are taking constant action, and continue to learn and educate yourself, you will make money in Network Marketing during a recession, when everyone else is running around wondering what they are going to do.