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Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities

Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities

Our country may be on its way to economic recovery, but we can’t deny the fact that these days, money is still tight. We have to sacrifice a lot of things just to cover our mortgages and pay for our bills. If you’re one of those people who want to earn extra cash without leaving the comforts of your home, you can consider these legitimate work-from-home opportunities:

• Medical transcription jobs

Can you type quickly? Are you familiar with medical terms and jargon? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you can make money at home by working as a medical transcriptionist. There are doctors looking for someone who can transcribe their audio notes on patients, so they can put them on their patients’ files.

Those who aren’t proficient in medical topics and terminology but wish to become medical transcriptionists can undergo specific training which usually last for 9 to 18 months. After your training, it can be difficult to land on a job because most medical transcription companies require that their applicants have two years of experience. It would be better to look for doctors or medical practitioners who are in need of part-time transcriptionists rather than apply for big companies with strict requirements.

• Call center jobs

Among the legitimate work from home opportunities, call center or customer service jobs will pay you not only for your time and service, but for your voice as well. Yes, you must have a great telephone voice and organization skills to qualify for this kind of job. While other opportunities can be done any time you’re free, this job requires that you work on fixed hours per day because you’ll be usually working on shifts. Often, part timers are asked to allot 4 hours per day while full-time agents need to work 8 hours a day. You should talk to your employer as to what shift is more convenient for you. Schedule your work at the time when your kids are in school or during their bedtime.

Aside from your computer and fast Internet access, you will need good-quality earphones and a landline phone. It is important that you know how to multi-task. You must handle calls smoothly while entering your transactions online or in the company’s database.

• Freelance jobs

If you’re in need of legitimate work from home opportunities that you can do during your spare time, then go for freelance jobs, especially writing gigs. The good thing about this task is it will be given to you in bulk, so you can organize your daily routine in such a way that you can do your freelance task daily without compromising your household chores.

Freelance jobs aren’t just for writers, there are also gigs for web developers as well as for graphic and web designers. Those who have great skills and experience in Internet marketing can also find high-paying and legitimate work from home opportunities online.