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Energy Management System

Energy Management System

Need Of Energy Management System:

  • Reduced energy costs and other related environmental impacts through systematic energy management.
  • It also provides facilities for the monitoring and recording of electricity, gas, water or other fuels or energy sources.
  • The data obtained from these can be used to produce a trend analysis for daily, weekly, monthly and annual energy consumption forecasts relative to other parameters such as production and services, etc.
  • EMS offers innovative remote access to key data for energy consumption in different locations and allows energy consumption by type of equipment, store location, fuel type or time of day and offers opportunities for energy savings.
  • Installation and implementation of energy monitoring and analysis
  • Energy management system leading to the IS 50001 as EMS program, EMS executing program, internal audit program, and team leading the organization to certification.
  • Provide training on the energy management system for senior, middle and junior managers in the organization for the awareness, implementation, and program of internal auditors for skills building.

EMS brings a wide range of experience in the energy management project for your benefit. Our specialist in software and advanced Internet applications ensures that the works for you. Our hardware supports smooth and accurate data transfer. We prefer win-win situations. EMS improves energy and improves overall performance. Energy savings will help reduce your carbon footprint.

Facilitate the management of energy use in the building or industrial facilities for benchmarking against specific parameters of production, services, area or manpower etc.

Trending and tracking power consumption with other settings on multiple sites, on mobile or tablet. Automatic and consistent response to events and alarms, reducing or avoiding downtime.

Provider a means together and see information quickly to make decisions

EMS provides transmission operators with greater insight into transmission and sub-transmission networks, With applications for State Estimation, Load Flow, Optimal Power Flow, Contingency Analysis, Fault Calculation, Optimal Topology Change, Performance Indices, and Voltage Stability, Energy EMS allows utilities to better visualize, operate, optimize, and maintain transmission.


  • Deep and proven knowledge of full-scale utility operations and control
  • Advanced applications for visualization, operation, optimization and maintenance of transmission and sub-transmission networks
  • Minimizing generation costs and power transmission losses and eliminate line overloads


  • Allows utilities to best manage transmission and sub-transmission networks
  • Based on Energy’s knowledge of advanced power applications

We are among the distinguished names in the industry for offering Energy Management Services to our revered patrons. The offered services are effective in reducing the consumption of energy in various industries including thermal power.