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Can Cold Calling Techniques Help Me Sell on the Internet?

Can Cold Calling Techniques Help Me Sell on the Internet?

I think that if you are good on the phone and have a good understanding of cold calling techniques , that it can help you sell on the internet. And by realizing you may be good on the phone, you have an asset, and you are probably not afraid to sell. So if you’re willing to get on the phone and sell something for three hours in the morning, five days a week, fifteen hours a week of nothing but phone selling – dialing and smiling – selling and pitching something, I think you will make money. But what are you going to sell?

And what I would tell anyone is this. I would look for a high ticket product to sell. There are seminars being put on all over the country, expensive seminars, thousand dollar seminars, five thousand dollar seminars, fifteen thousand dollar seminars. Before I even started selling my HMA Consulting opportunity, I was using some audio interviews to promote another consulting opportunity. It was a fifteen thousand dollar seminar.

So there are seminar promoters who would love to pay you 50% on whatever you sell. So if you are good on the phone and you can sell a seminar on whatever subject, let’s say it’s referral marketing and it’s a two thousand dollar seminar in Texas, I would get on the internet and I would find some leads and I would start dialing and selling that seminar.

If I was giving someone advice, I would tell him he could actually interview that expert about his expertise, about why someone should come to this referral seminar. Why should they believe him? What makes him so good? What are the students going to learn? Is it worth two thousand dollars?

Do some case studies, and do an interview with him. Then use that interview to automate that selling. So if he has an interview and he understands the internet for delivering audio content, instead of him making phone calls selling each person over and over again on the phone, he can use the leverage of his interview and all he has to do is direct that person, even if he had to make phone calls, direct them to the audio interview or mail out the interview on a CD, or give them a phone number that they can call and listen to the interview on a replay line, or mail them the typed transcripts of the interview.

So with audio interviews, when you’re promoting something, you get to take yourself out of the picture. You get to automate the selling process and that is the most valuable thing about the combination of doing experts interviews and the internet. You’ve got to have the internet and these other formats for distribution to make it work.