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Bella Mora International Group: New Skin Care Line Promotion and MLM Binary Compensation Plan Review

Bella Mora International Group: New Skin Care Line Promotion and MLM Binary Compensation Plan Review

As the quest for the Fountain of Youth continues, The Bella Mora International Group has created a massive campaign to launch their new skin care product line. The Bella Mora International Group, based out of Tampa, Florida is selling its new line of beauty products based on a formula created by accident over 20 years ago by Dr. Bruce Miller.

With informative, upbeat web pages and conventions that have been going on all over the country, this MLM company is certainly creating buzz with it dynamic marketing strategies.The Bella Mora International Group is selling its revolutionary skin care line through a Multi-level marketing system with a patented Binary compensation plan. This plan was created by MLM pay plan designer, Rod Cook. The official launch date for the new product line is January 15, 2011.

How It Works:

Because this is an MLM company, there are different plans or levels by which you will be selling to meet your income needs. The company will be selling skin care system “packs.” They differ by content and price range, but the basic five piece skin care system is purchased from Bella Mora at $119.00 and sold retail for $199.99, for a profit of $80.00. Based on this system, if you were to sign one retail customer weekly, with an $80.00 profit for each customer, you would have a monthly income of $320.00.

There are other levels and other kits, as well as other income incentives. They have a very creative compensation plan, with bonuses for such things as signing customers on to the Automatic Delivery Program. However, selling to auto delivery customers might create a lower income potential, as you will be selling the $119.00 kit for $159.00. Having said that, after you sign three preferred customers onto the monthly auto delivery program, you will get a free kit each month. On its website Bella Mora expects that these customers will continue using this product, which “equals a secure monthly residual income for you!”

They do use a Binary MLM compensation plan, which will consist of two “legs.” While some people very much like the Binary compensation plan, some people do not find it the best way to go. You will need to be very certain that you understand this type of compensation plan and decide whether or not this will meet your income needs.


Bella Mora is offering training through DVDs and CDs. They have been offering free product samples for some months now to create an interest in the product prior to the official launch. They will have brochures and business cards for their independent consultants. The many levels of compensation are very clearly explained on their website.


Some of the bonuses offered are:

  • Fast Start Bonuses
  • Matching Income Bonuses
  • Leadership Bonus Pool
  • Luxury Dream Car Bonus (which can be worth up to $1,500.00 monthly)
  • Luxury Dream Home Bonus (which can be worth up to $3,000.00 monthly)

The new Bella Mora International Group has done a superb job of pre-launch marketing and creating buzz and excitement around their new product. This product does have potential. Billions of dollars are spent annually in this country on Beauty and skin care products. People are aggressively looking for ways to look younger and everyone wants to feel beautiful and glamorous. This will be a very lucrative and viable way to make money via the MLM system.

Although brochures and product samples certainly do well with the average consumer, in order to make this business reach its maximum income potential, independent consultants will need some marketing training. Getting to the millions of internet users in the most effective way to do this. Putting up a website and waiting for customers to come to you is not an efficient or effective way to market yourself online. It is imperative that you drive potential customers to your site to maximise your earnings, bonuses and commissions.