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B2B Telemarketing in Singapore Can Be Your Ticket to Success

B2B Telemarketing in Singapore Can Be Your Ticket to Success

The city-state of Singapore has one of the most open markets in the world. It is because of this reason that many industries there are highly competitive. As compared to Hong Kong and New Zealand, Singapore was ranked higher than these two other city-states in terms of being the best country to do business with.
During the year 2010, Singapore was placed third as the fastest growing economy in the world. The city-state just falls closely behind Qatar and Paraguay. Their economy is best described in one word: mixed. There is not a single industry that is thriving within the confines of the city-state. There are a number of business sectors that help with the growth of their economy and most especially their GDP.1
It is because of these facts that Singapore has been seen as one of the best choices to market a business’ products and services. Closing sales and building long-term business relationships with other companies located in Singaporean soil will most likely bring financial success to an organization.
Nonetheless, business owners are still challenged by the everyday fact that the right kind of strategy still needs to be applied to close those deals. In this case, b2b lead generation and appointment setting are the answers to that need. Generating b2b leads is a far more effective strategy than hardcore selling maneuvers. For one thing, it applies a more consultative way of promoting a business’ products and services instead of pushing them onto the prospect’s face. 

Once the leads has been generated, setting meeting dates is the next step to a complete and profitable business deal. Meeting a lead face-to-face promotes the business in the most direct manner possible. The good thing about setting these appointments is that the transaction is nearing its closure. It is due to the strategy prior to this (which is generating the lead) that made this plan of action possible.
With these two marketing strategies in place, the next step is to choose the right medium to employ these marketing approaches. To give the marketing campaign a much needed boost in acquiring success, it is a very wise decision to outsource these strategies to a trustworthy outbound call center.
Outsourcing to professional telemarketers can bring various benefits towards the campaign and to the business. Some of them include:
A direct form of contact – Singapore is not exactly the same size as the Vatican city. Hence, traveling from place to place just to meet prospects is not the way to go if the business is planning to save on their marketing ventures. Through telemarketing, travel costs can be minimized thoroughly as prospects can be contacted within a single phone call.
Known expertise – Most telemarketing companies of late have already amassed contacting various companies in Singaporean soil. This has made them quite versed in the skills and arts of catching the attention of prospects from various business sectors and setting appointments with them.
An extensive database of leads – Reliable telemarketing call centers have business contact database from different industries, professions, and countries; which of course includes Singapore. Outsourcing to them allows for the business to expand the reaches of their market range significantly, thus boosting overall profit.
Knowledge on the spoken language – Singapore does not only have a diverse economy but also a mixed culture. As such, they are known to speak four main languages namely English, Tamil, Malay, and Chinese Mandarin. Expert telemarketers, with their amassed experienced, can mostly understand these spoken languages. This shortens out the language barrier between parties.
With these benefits and more, the marketing campaign for the business is sure to give out the best in terms of money-making results.