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Amazon Seller Guide: 3 Powerful Tips Every Amazon Seller Should Know

Amazon Seller Guide: 3 Powerful Tips Every Amazon Seller Should Know

Being an Amazon seller can be a very rewarding position, but to attain that spot, one must know a couple of VERY powerful tips, but more specifically, three. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, when it comes to Amazon, these 3 powerful tips will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals as an Amazon Vendor.

Tip #1: Find hot sellers, buy that product for a lesser price, then re-sell it on Amazon for a profit. Every product on Amazon is put into a specific category which relates to it. And with every category there is on Amazon, there is also a top 10 list.

Now how does this apply to you? Well it’s simple. Let’s say you wanted to sell books on Amazon but didn’t know which one would sell. All you have to do is find any book on Amazon, scroll down and find a section which says Amazon Best Seller Rank and click on “Top 100” next to it.

This will take you to the top 100 books that are being sold on Amazon. Find one which appeals to you, buy it in an whatever amount/s you can afford and sell it for a profit. Remember, it doesn’t only have to be books. Amazon has tons of categories for it’s products, and each category has a top 100 list.

Tip #2: When putting your products on Auction, price your item/s 1 penny less than the top competitor. I’ve personally witnessed how this yields tremendous rewards. Being an Amazon vendor can be very difficult because selling an item means competing against other vendors who are also selling the same thing/s.

Since every vendor will try to price their item to make it more appealing then their competitors, your best best is to price your item 1 penny less than the vendor who is selling their item cheapest. In other words, if you have 10 vendors selling 1 item from a price range or $5-$10, with the cheapest being $5, sell your item for $4.99.

1 penny less already makes your item not only cheap, but also catches the attention of the buyer/s, making your item most looked at and the greatest chances of being bought.

Tip #3: Automatic repricing! This tip is very similar to #2, but applies to those who sell multiple items. Repricing is simply put, pricing your item lower than the competition, whether it’s 1 penny or more. However automatic repricing involves using a program that monitors all of your items that you are selling, and automatically repricing your item less or more against the competition.

Having one of these programs makes life extremely easy for Amazon vendors who sell multiple items and cannot keep track of them all. New competitors constantly enter the amazon market and can price their items less than yours. To stay on top of the game, you’d have to monitor all of your items 24-7 which is insane.

However with an automatic repricing tool, all of your items are monitored for you so if a new competitor should price their item less than yours, the tool will automatically make your item cost less than theirs. This saves a ton of energy and increases overall sales.